The CLUEDUP intends to provide the community with a scalable pedagogic framework to support embedding Escape Room-style. Learning Suites will be constructed for three differ scenarios representing topics relevant to the pandemic. CLUEDUP will provide a training programme for faculty staff in the design and implementation of these resources, which will then be delivered as an online Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

CLUEDUP Objectives

  1. Conduct a needs analysis to inform the adaptation of collaborative learning such as TBL (team-based learning) / PBL (problem-based learning) to an online delivery, supported by Escape Room methodology
  2. Design and implement learner-centered scenarios (CLA – Combined Learning Activity)
  3. Provide training programme to faculty staff in the design, implementation and facilitation of CLA
  4. Provide evidence to support the effectiveness of delivering CLA as individual learning suites
  5. Disseminate project results through the website, MOOC, virtual conferences, online webinars, and where feasible, face-to-face multiplier event



  • For teachers it raises their awareness of the value of interactive scenario-based learning.
  • For students it increases game-based engagement and provides online training that mimics more closely professional practice, and reduces the disengagement of passive online learning.
  • For Policy makers it offers improved adaptation of courses to the challenges of pandemic.