St. George’s Weekly newsletter article for CLUEDUP

St George’s partners with two universities on a European Commission funded project to develop Escape Rooms for education

St George’s has been selected as one of three partners in the new two year funded European Commission project called CLUEDUP – Collaborative Learning using Escape Designs and Pedagogies.

The project which kicked off on 14 June will be carried out in partnership with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and Masaryk University in Czech Republic.


CLUEDUP will focus on how to use escape room design for education and training and the outputs of the project will be shared for the wider community to use and learn from in order to create their own escape room type scenarios.

Key members of St George’s working on the project include Luke Woodham, Head of eLearning, Sheetal Kavia, eProjects manager, Robert Nagaj, Head of Clinical Skills, Sharmishtha Sivakumaran,Lecturer in clinical skills and Christina Baboonian, Reader in Cardiovascular Immunology.

The CLUEDUP project will use technologies like virtual patients to implement the escape room design in Project Based Learning (PBL) or TEAM Based learning (TBL)which St George’s has experience in from working on previous EC funded projects.  In particular, the project will be disseminating and collaborating with the WAVES network which is a network developed from the WAVES project coordinated by St George’s.

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