Saint George’s University of London leads Intellectual Output 3. This output creates a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), used as an open information resource in the form of a course to attract global participants to the subject and project. By completing the MOOC it will enable participants to create their own Combined Learning Activity (CLA) template, and Learning Suites for their own area of training.

The shift from face-to-face delivery of different types of collaborative / group-based learning, viz Team-Based Learning (TBL), Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and CBL (Case-Based Learning) to online mode of delivery has challenged the effectiveness of using all of them. This output creates a massive open online course resource which can be used globally by tenable teachers and curriculum leaders to implement these preferable needs and desired combination of collaborative learning activity with Escape Room (EscR) methodology.

While TBL / PBL / CBL training are well established practices in teaching, EscR methodology is a relatively new phenomenon in higher education. The pandemic limited the use of well-known pedagogies and challenged the face-to-face training of professional skills. The innovation of this MOOC lies in the structured system of global training of tutors / facilitators who are ready to move collaborative learning activities online through implementation of innovative CLA pedagogical approach. The MOOC encourages social learning and collaboration, which resonates with the approach of CLA learning Suites, which are constructed to provide interactive collaborative learning. Interactive resources and guidance material will be created to support the innovative pedagogical strategies included in the MOOC.

The trials of using CLA within the partner institutes (IO2) will dictate this structure of the MOOC and ensure the material used within is fit for purpose. This will ensure the material is trialed and tested making the MOOC a very usable and complete resource globally.