Aristotle University of Thessaloniki leads Intellectual Output 5. This output is linked with all objectives of the project and is building on IO1, IO2, IO4, to deliver a set of recommendations for use. The aim is to deliver a set of recommendation and guidelines for use for Combined Learning Activity (CLA) module in healthcare curricula taking into consideration the entailed pedagogical aspects.

Until the appearance of Covid-19, Team‐Based Learning (TBL) had developed as the relatively new collaborative tool of choice and represented the next generation of collaborative learning beyond Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Case-Based Learning (CBL). Covid-19 has changed that. This output will provide guidance for Learning Suites not only how to regenerate TBL online, but will go further and show how to construct a CLA that contains a challenging Serious games component, the Escape Room (EscR).

Current efforts in educational and pedagogical approaches aim to involve entertaining elements that will boost the participants’ knowledge as well as their motivation towards the topic and learning objective. CLA could be a valuable addition to the existing teaching concepts in small group-based environment. Merging the gamification process with elements of Virtual collaborative learning activities already used in education, will produce an innovative pedagogy, and the experimentation of an escape room in a remote setting is expected to give access to new innovative mixed education methods.

This Intellectual Output will produce a set of recommendations for use of CLA in healthcare education (as well as in continuing multi-professional training and education) and also provide templates for teachers to build their own CLA module which reflect their own local issues and challenges. Teaching staff will enhance their educational engagement skills as well as digital skills and will make use of co-creation and co-design best practices for use in education and provide recommendations for them to be used to all levels of healthcare education, either undergraduate, postgraduate, as well Continued Medical Education (CME)/Continued Professional Development (CPD), minimizing the cost of training and maximizing the experience.