Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the leading organisation of Intellectual Output 2, which is a prerequisite of IO3, IO4 and IO5.  The Combined Learning Activity (CLA) will contain all the elements found in all collaborative Learning experience, whether Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Team-Based Learning (TBL) or Case-Based Learning (CBL). The CLA is bench-marked against TBL, which contains all the components found in collaborative learning activities, and in addition adds a virtual escape room. Virtual Scenarios based on Escape Room (EscR) principles will focus on inductive and deductive reasoning, and teamwork skills development.

The setup of CLA depends on the needs and goals identified, as well as the partners experience in collaborative learning formats. Designing scenarios for CLA, requires an understanding of several pedagogies (present in TBL, PBL and EscR). It is also important to match the resources needed to the learning context: time for set-up, re-packing, feasibility, transportability, durability and affordability. CLUEDUP will investigate how the different setups can be achieved with a minimum of resources, and will point out the key issues to teams designing collaborative learning. Establishing virtual escape rooms requires virtual materials, a story and tasks, software to control the presentation of the virtual stimuli and triggers to embody performance assessment.

The partners will design three escape rooms aiming at their integration into the application exercises of TBL sessions. The three resulting CLAs will be further adapted to other particular instances of collaborative learning, creating at least two different Learning Suites: one for TBL, and the other one(s) potentially for PBL, CBL or FC (Flipped Classroom). Various solutions will be tested and reviewed with game end-users, and those that will not work will be rejected. The consortium will carry out a focus group, to assess students’ perceptions, attitudes and acceptability.

The training philosophy of this project will be to help participants to design and conduct their own CLA and learning suite tailored to each individual needs, and addressing the professional challenges in European healthcare services.